African Americans

African Americans

Howard University, Department of Theatre Arts



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In AFRICAN AMERICANS by Jocelyn Bioh, a West African couple and their 3 children immigrate to New York City, working hard to build a life worthy of their dreams. They quickly realize that moving does not release you from past troubles as the family explores what it means to be Americans, Africans, Africans in America, and African-Americans.

But make it educational.

The Howard University Department of Theatre Arts is an internationally acclaimed leader and producer of artistic merit. Each season, the department presents classical and contemporary plays that not only entertain, but offer a forum for ideas and discussion. The artwork for AFRICAN AMERICANS had to intrigue and serve as a launchpad for the discussion that the play would inspire, as it navigated the heavy topic of identity, in a lighthearted way. We decided illustration would be the best way to exaggerate the tension between the couple and play to the show’s lightheartedness, and included an illustrated borough map that felt more like a background character than backdrop.